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Why Buy Boynton Beach Burial Insurance From Us?

Do you know how to get the best rate and coverage in Boynton Beach, FL for burial and final expenses? Are you an expert in the application process to obtain burial and final expense coverage? Are you worried you might get the wrong policy and your eventual claim could be denied? Let us do the work for you!


We are the Burial Insurance experts

I am sure you have seen the celebrity commercials on tv telling you that one company has the best coverage for your burial and final expense insurance needs. You have probably received a postcard in the mail asking you to reply to get information about these burial and final expense needs. You may have also talked to your Boynton Beach, FL friends and family about insurance to cover these needs.

There are several providers with different coverage options to help you and your family with this very important need. Now you find yourself searching online for the best final expense coverage available. There are many options and tons of information to digest to find the best coverage for each individual. Most people do not have time to do the proper research or get confused by all the available coverages. Finding the proper final expense insurance in Boynton Beach, FL doesn’t have to be complicated.

We are the experts. We have taken the hours of education and guesswork out of your hands. Our years of experience and knowledge of the different coverages that are available for individuals in today’s market allow us to provide the best coverage options for every individual. Our years of experience in the market has taught us about all the different providers and the coverages available. Let us do the work for you!


We Find The Best Rate For You

Burial and final expense coverage is not a one-size-fits-all product. It is not even a one-size-fits-most product. There are several coverage providers, and they change their rating criteria frequently, so despite what the celebrity endorsements you see on television would lead you to believe, not every person is best covered by the insurance company that they endorse. Each company has a slightly different process for deciding what rate each client receives, and those criteria will change over time. The coverage that your friend and family members signed up for a few years ago may have changed their rating criteria, or your age, health, and lifestyle may be rated differently at this time. All of these factors have a clear effect on your rate or the kind of coverage that a provider will offer you. So how do you know what is the right move?

The only way to know you have the best coverage for your health, lifestyle, and age is to get information from every burial and final expense provider to compare their coverage and rates specifically for you. That is exactly what we do for our clients.

Are you a tobacco user? Do you take insulin for diabetes? How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? These are all factors that burial and final expense coverage providers may rate differently and can make a difference in the rate you are charged for coverage or even if you qualify for the best coverage available. With so many factors, how do you find the best rate for you individually? Let us do the work for you!

All it takes is three simple steps.

1. Collect your information. We take age, lifestyle, and general health information from our clients.

2. Compare the Rates. We then compare the carrier’s rates and coverages to make sure our clients know the best available coverage at the best price for them.

3. Submit the Application. We take care of submitting the applications and getting you protected!


We Get The Right Information

Finding the best coverage at the best rate is only the first step to ensuring you have coverage in place for your burial and final expenses in Boynton Beach, FL. Once we have found the best burial and final expense coverage for you, the next step is completing the application process. Just like the rating criteria, each coverage provider may have a slightly different process to complete the application and getting the coverage into place for you. Our consultants have years of experience working with different coverage providers. They will help you understand and correctly complete your application over the phone, online, or electronically (through email, or even text in some cases). Nobody likes filling out a coverage application, and many times they can seem quite cumbersome if you are not an expert on the coverages like our consultants. Most individuals do not have a medical background or even an insurance background to be able to begin to understand some of the medical questions that are being asked by the coverage providers and how to actually answer them properly.

What is a TIA? What is COPD? Is it a form of asthma? Even though burial and final expense applications are considered to be “short coverage applications” with minimal questions, there are many medical terms that you may not understand or may not have even previously heard. Our consultants will work step by step to educate you on this information and ensure that you understand exactly what the provider is asking before you answer.

In some cases, a coverage provider may ask for more detail regarding a question which you may have answered, Yes. In this case, our consultants will be able to explain the additional questions and make sure you have a complete understanding and can answer truthfully. Let us do the work for you!

To make sure you get the best rate and the best coverage, Let us do the work for you!

As you can see, there are many options and even more things to understand when you decide to find burial and final expense coverage for yourself or a family member. Do not let a celebrity, a postcard in the mail, or a suggestion from friends or family, make this important decision for you

Let us do the work for you! We promise to take your general age, health, and lifestyle information to find the best coverage at the best rate for you and your family. We promise to help educate you on the different coverages available to you. Unlike single coverage carriers, we will not simply tell you about the only pre-determined coverage they offer. Once you understand your coverage options, our consultants make sure that you understand the entire application process from beginning to end. They will make sure you understand all of the elements and that the application is completed properly. The consultants will also ensure that you have coverage in place and will be available with any changes or additional needs after the initial search and application processes are completed.